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Assist aspiring student-athletes in earning athletic scholarships into their prospective college or university while facilitating the enrichment of academic, athletic, and welfare & development skills.


To establish a strong, trusting lifetime relationship amongst student-athletes and parents.


ELEV8 U Student-Athlete Consulting specializes in collaborating with student-athletes who have the ability to play and compete at the collegiate level.

Given ELEV8 Athletes are more than just an athlete, both life and welfare and development skills are enhanced through faciliated programming and active engagements.   

Learn more about the self-improvements we can help you achieve, and contact us today.


 College Search & Advisement

Applying to colleges/universities is time consuming and at times complicated. ELEV8 Athletes will gain an understanding of what is expected while becoming confident in defining their goals.


Athletic Development

​Stimulating the mind, body, and spirit to be confident in effectively developing an expected delivery of high-quality output, through consistent and purposeful training. When done correctly, this is essential to an athletes routine and accountability.

Most importantly key takeaways will be established and ELEV8 Athletes will develop an overall understanding of not only what is required of them but what it'll take to reach their individual goals.

This development goes beyond the sport.

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Collegiate Recruiting Consulting

There is nothing simple about the recruiting process and it's extremely easy to misinterpret a task and or not complete a requirement at all. This is where we step in and guide the ELEV8 Athletes and parents every step of the way, ensuring their processes are smooth and they become knowledgable to best advocate for themselves at the next level and amongst others. 

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Financial Aid Assistance

There are a multitude of options ELEV8 Athletes may be eligible for from the federal government and other sources. Grants and scholarships, student loans, and work-study programs through Federal Student Aid (FSA) can also be used to pay for college.

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Academic Advising

Assisting ELEV8 Athletes succeed in their high school academic setting in preparation for their future collegiate academic endeavors. ELEV8 Athletes will better navigate through the process of completing required assignments on-time and reaching out to designated persons to assist in their understanding of core courses.


Film Analysis

​Send us your highlight video and athletic profile and we will review it to ensure it includes pertinent information to best attract college coaches. We also provide our ELEV8 Athletes with specific recommendations to ELEV8 their game from a developmental standpoint. 

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Developed learning opportunities that will assist ELEV8 Athletes with becoming self-aware, self-sufficient and positively enhance their transition from high school to a college/university.

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“With regards to college acceptance or getting recruited Coach Chelsea is the best individual to go to. She helped me from beginning to end on applying to schools, taking a shot at grants and provided general money related guidance.

Despite the fact that I never got into my fantasy school I appreciate her helping me layout my choices when it came to deciding on what program I’d join.

I’m currently attending college on a full ride without stressing over financial obligations. Now I see the bigger picture she was attempting to make during my recruiting process.

It doesn’t make any difference what college you go to as long as you are working towards your degree!’’

Joshua Ogden

William-Penn University

Track & Field

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